English Breakfast

A blend of Ceylon tea with its fragrant astringency, Assam a strong tasting tea and Kenya tea to provide body.


A strong malty tasting brew from North West India, perfect to start the day (also available as decaffeinated).


A refreshing oaky, medium strength blend of Sri Lankan teas.


A fragrant, light Indian tea which originates from the foothills of the Himalayas.

Earl Grey

Famous smoky English blend, flavoured with bergamot orange from Calabria.

English Afternoon

A blend of Keenam, Darjeeling and with just a hint of Lapsang Suchong.

Jasmin (with flowers)

Delicately flavoured and fragrant floral tea.


The ‘Burgundy’ of teas. A rich black tea grown in Northern China. Has a slightly smoky flavour, with a delicate bouquet.

Lady Grey

A blend of Earl Grey tea, with lemon, orange and a pinch of cornflowers. A light and fragrant tea with fruity undertones.

Lapsang Suchong

Leaves are smoke dried, giving this tea a distinctive flavour, highly popular in China

Russian Caravan

A full flavoured slightly smoky tasting tea, made from teas originally transported by camel caravans.


A refreshing unfermented green tea from the Orient, it has a gentle herbal flavour.

Ginger Pieces

A warming black tea with a hint of ginger.

Winter Tea

An aromatic China tea, with orange and clove pieces, flavoured with cinnamon.

White Tea

Only the buds and top two leaves are picked, giving this tea a delicate, smooth, sweet flavour. This is one of the most expensive and luxurious of teas, due to the very selective nature of both picking and preparation.


Smooth and relaxing tea, believed by many to be helpful in the treatment of lumbago, rheumatic problems and rashes.

Roobos (Red Bush or ‘Bush Tea’)

The South African Red Bush is a broome-like plant whose leaves are used to create a caffeine free tea often taken to treat digestive problems.


Uplifting tea made from peppermint leaves, often used to treat digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome.

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